Higher Acceptance, Faster Results: Anglo American Platinum Is Committed to 100 Percent Transparency in Projects

Image: Mogalakwena Mine, Anglo American Platinum
Image: Mogalakwena Mine, Anglo American Platinum

At Anglo American Platinum, everything is just a bit bigger. The world’s largest platinum producer employs around 30,000 people and operates some of the largest platinum mines in the world – Anglo American Platinum’s mines stretch out over dozens of kilometres in South Africa. Change is part of the business: This market leader works around the clock to make its mines even more efficient. The key to success lies in the qualification of its employees, the best possible use of all resources and digital transformation.

Change Project with 1,500 Participants and Application Users

Hugo Coetzee knows that changes in large companies are not to be taken for granted. At Anglo American Platinum, he is responsible for a number of IT projects with which the mining group wants to prepare its technology landscape in the HR sector for the digital age. “The right employees with the right qualifications need to be in the right place at the right time, to do the right work” according to Hugo Coetzee. At first sight, this may not look so complex, yet it is a major challenge for a mining company with mega operations like Anglo American Platinum. They work around the clock in the mines and not infrequently the laws of nature upset the finely-tuned operational plans.

Anglo American Platinum’s mega operations like here in Polokwane are sophisticated and complex – digital transformation should make everything more efficient.

Images: Polokwane Smelter, Anglo American Platinum

In order to become faster and better in HR processes, Anglo American Platinum relies on digital transformation. A best-of-breed mix of cloud technologies from the German software market leader SAP and self-developed applications are currently being introduced into all South African operations. The applications range from employee qualifications through operational planning to learning management. Around 1,500 users will end up working with the new digital, fully-integrated HR platform.


Project Monitoring Identifies Bottlenecks and Provides New Ideas

In addition to the 1,500 users, there are 40 stakeholders, made up of management representatives and associated business areas. As Change Management Lead, Juná Bothma ensures that all participants have the opportunity to influence project progression and contribute their own ideas. “We rely on transparency and feedback from project teams, our stakeholders and future users,” says Juná. In the past, she and Hugo carried out surveys on SurveyMonkey, but the evaluation of the results and the subsequent documentation in PowerPoint took a long time – too long to solve project problems in a timely manner or to implement new solutions quickly.

Juná Bothma and Hugo Coetzee of Anglo American Platinum are committed to transparency and swarm intelligence: “We frequently survey all those involved and immediately know where we need to readjust.”

Images:  Rustenburg mines, Anglo American Platinum

Anglo American Platinum has been using our project monitoring software from Surwayne for a couple of weeks. “We are using Surwayne to regularly query the feedback of the 1,500 users and project participants. However, this is only the first step,” says Juná. The second step is much more interesting however, when, on the basis of feedback, Surwayne suggests tasks in real-time for project optimization and directly assigns them to the respective person responsible. “We are thereby closing the project monitoring cycle and can react much more quickly to new challenges. At the same time, all participants have the opportunity to bring their own ideas to the table at any time – this would not work in large project meetings,” says Juná Bothma.


Effective Change Management on the Basis of Swarm Intelligence

With the easy-to-use web interface from Surwayne, Anglo American Platinum periodically queries the feedback. The questionnaire contains a maximum of 10 questions and each question can be answered using smiley faces. The simplicity and playfulness result in a high response rate that simply cannot be achieved using conventional tools. At the same time, Surwayne immediately translates the feedback into solutions which Juná and Hugo can directly convert into tasks.

“We believe in the concept of swarm intelligence. The collected feedback from all participants is more meaningful to us than an individual’s assessment,” confirms Werner Grundling, who heads the Programme Management office, tracking the restructuring office of Anglo American Platinum in South Africa. “Surwayne closes the feedback loop and brings 100 percent transparency into our projects. This improves acceptance and leads to faster results.”


Summary: For the mining group Anglo American Platinum, transparency and employee feedback are part of the company culture. In a comprehensive transformation project, the world market leader uses Surwayne, our project monitoring software. The outcome: better results and shorter project durations. How do you implement your project monitoring? We would love to hear from you – request a free live demo of Surwayne today and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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