Digitalisation in the Construction Industry: Otto Wulff on Track With Surwayne

Image: Otto Wulff
Image: Otto Wulff

Like all industry sectors, the construction industry faces the challenge of digital transformation. Digital innovations should streamline and accelerate business processes along the entire supply chain, from project planning through to implementation. The backlog is considerable and according to a study by Roland Berger, productivity in the construction industry has grown by four percent in recent years, while the production and manufacturing sectors have productivity gains of around 30 percent thanks to huge digitalisation initiatives.

Actively Shaping Digital Transformation Rather Than Just Taking Part

“We have lots planned for the coming years”, says Hendrik Schumacher, who is responsible for the operative IT processes at the Hamburg-based traditional company Otto Wulff and coordinates the construction company’s digital agenda. “Planen und Bauen 4.0” is the auspicious name of Otto Wulff’s digitalisation strategy. “With our strategy, we are actively shaping our future and are convinced that it will generate sustainable long-term benefits”, says Schumacher.

Like every big project, digital transformation is also supported by its own employees. Otto Wulff is well-known in Hamburg and Berlin and encourages a family business culture based on reaching goals as a team. With the help of Surwayne, Otto Wulff surveys about 240 employees and asks them for their assessment regarding IT satisfaction and what improvements would be possible from their point of view. Suggestions for improvement, which are classified as particularly important for the company’s success in the survey, can be found on Otto Wulff’s digital roadmap and are being progressively implemented.


Tackle as a Team and Realise Visions Together

Almost all areas of Otto Wulff‘s organisation are affected by digitalisation: the technical office, work preparation, calculation, tendering and contracting as well as operational construction management. “We have a lot of good ideas on how to implement digital transformation. Surwayne helps us to use the expertise of our employees and experts effectively and to establish focus”, says Schumacher. “A large community project from our digitalisation projects is being worked on by everyone. This is the only way to achieve a great success story.”

Surwayne helps companies ensure complex projects are transparent through regular surveys among all parties. Optimisation measures can be derived in a few clicks from the feedback received. Project decisions can thus be made on a broader basis of information – business and project managers benefit from the feedback and know-how of all parties. All the parties are on an equal footing and tackle things together during the day-to-day running of a project. This approach is in perfect harmony with Otto Wulff’s vision, which has been cultivated since the company was founded in the 1930s. All employees are on an equal footing, working as a team to realise the company’s goals and visions.


Digitalisation with Heart and Mind, Not Out of Necessity

“We have a good starting situation in an active industry – we see tremendous potential to improve many processes with the help of new software and tools, especially in cooperation with our partners in the construction industry”, explains Schumacher. Without wanting to anticipate the results of the survey with Surwayne, Schumacher is already quite certain which areas will occupy the top of the employee’s priority list. The exchange of construction plans and documents could be made more streamlined, the communication is often rather cumbersome, and the digital implementation of defect management is of paramount importance. There is a lot to be done in the construction industry and Otto Wulff is actively involved.


Summary: Otto Wulff is one of the largest full-service real estate providers in North Germany. As a family-run company in the construction industry, Otto Wulff corresponds to the prototype of a medium-sized company, which recognised the opportunities of digitalisation and set out to implement them with a great deal of commitment. In doing so, the construction company relies on its employees’ expertise. The survey managed by Surwayne provides further concrete insights into how to drive digital transformation forward. How do you implement digitalisation in your company? Write to us or test Surwayne with a risk free 30-day trial!

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