Pulse Check by QR Code – How to Really Get Every Employee Engaged in the Project Feedback Loop

Image: Surwayne
Image: Surwayne

The project pulse check across your company just got even easier with Surwayne. Project managers and team managers who use Surwayne for project monitoring or team coaching have been sending the link to their online questionnaire via email so far. Now QR codes are an even quicker way of providing access to project surveys – scan your QR code with your smartphone, rate your project with a smiley face, enter your own ideas and comments, and then you’re done! Our latest feature is particularly suitable for large transformation projects that have an effect on many of an organisation’s employees.

Generate New Ideas, Identify Obstacles Early On

Only very few employees have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on extensive change projects during everyday company life. Any resistance which may arise due to a lack of integration would go undetected. You can now evaluate projects and submit your own ideas and suggestions for improvement using QR codes, which can be displayed in your company’s entrance area, in meeting rooms or in the canteen. Of course, you decide for yourself which projects should use the new feature – the setup in Surwayne only takes a few seconds.

A glance at the project balance will reveal how important it is to ask the opinion of as many involved parties as possible. We reported about this in one of our latest blogs. Almost every second project fails and does not deliver the desired result. The reason for this is almost always a lack of communication and cooperation between management, project teams and stakeholders. Above all, however, people who are sometimes referred to as technical experts or who are affected by the project results as a recipient are far too seldom involved in the project process and asked for their opinion.


72 Percent of Millennials Request Daily Feedback

Risks and obstacles could be identified much earlier and improvement measures could be initiated in good time if companies were to consult not only their project team, but also as many employees as possible on a regular basis. Something could be said in the defence of the project initiators: The trend towards more agility in projects does not make ordered communication and consideration from stakeholders any easier. Plans are changing on a daily basis and decisions are made within minutes. Communication and cooperation are quickly left behind, although the importance of these soft factors actually increases with agile project approaches. Agility creates dynamics, but also leads to felt insecurity, which in turn can only be managed through open communication and the involvement of those affected.

PwC dealt with the importance of feedback in an extensive study and found that around 60 percent of employees prefer to have feedback from their company on a daily basis, or at least on a weekly basis. Among under 30s, this figure is 72 percent. The need for orientation grows with the increasing dynamics in organisations. Feedback tools such as Surwayne help you as a manager or team leader to carry out a quick pulse check in your organisation on a regular basis. Using the results you will then be able to give your employees informed feedback and convey the message that they are being heard.


Direct Access to the Feedback Process by QR Code

You should also think about involving customers and business partners in your feedback process from outside of your own organisation. Our new feature enables you to give external project stakeholders access to your Surwayne survey in just a few steps – for example, if you are developing a new product or service together with your customers and quick feedback would help improve the quality. Try our new QR codes and contact our support team at any time if you require help with the set-up.

Summary: Projects are becoming more agile and dynamic. Without regular communication and without the active involvement of as many parties as possible, hurdles will arise which could have been avoided. Our new QR code enables your employees to have easy, direct access to the feedback process via their smartphone giving them the opportunity to provide feedback and contribute their own ideas. This not only creates trust and increases acceptance, but it is also fun to do. Test Surwayne today free of charge!

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