How to Take Your Company’s Pulse: Surwayne Presents New Features for Digital Pulse Check and Project Monitoring

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Project status reports should be uncomplicated and meaningful. You want to reach your project goal quickly and focus on tasks that contribute directly to the end result. Waste is to be avoided. In practice, however, it often looks different. During the course of a project, metre-long wallpapers are created in Excel and a fast pulse check remains a pious hope. Yet, flexible feedback mechanisms are important to uncover project risks and waste in a timely manner.

Pulse Check and Full Project Transparency at Your Fingertips

In the end, every second project fails. More transparency and the involvement of all stakeholders could quickly improve these mixed results. With Surwayne, we want to provide you with the answer to this question and much more at just the click of a mouse. The recurring survey of all project participants doesn’t just create transparency. From the collected feedback, you will instantly be given tasks to bring your projects on track. Let’s have a look at the five most important features and innovations of Surwayne at a glance.


1. Everything at a Glance: Your Project Monitoring Dashboard

A quick glance at the dashboard is sufficient for a quick pulse check. The feedback from project participants and stakeholders is aggregated in a traffic light system. You instantly recognize which of your projects are on track and in which areas action is required. Project visibility in the dashboard can now be adapted for different user profiles, for example by task area or region. The strategy manager thus only sees his strategy projects and the European manager shall only see European projects. With just a few clicks, the dashboard design can be customized for your business, you can upload your logo and arrange your projects using drag and drop.



10 questions, 3 smileys – measuring your project pulse couldn’t be easier. The dashboard provides a quick overview of the status of all projects.


2. Efficient and Fun: Recurring Surveys with the Smiley System

The survey module sends a short questionnaire to all project participants at regular intervals. Surwayne provides a wide range of proven questions to help you quickly implement your project monitoring. Additionally, you can easily add individual questions for each project. However, in order to achieve a high response rate, the questionnaire must not contain more than 10 questions in total. A smiley system is used to answer and can be carried out on every device in seconds. The survey automatically repeats itself at defined intervals and always displays the most recent results in the dashboard.


3. Closing the Loop: Actions Follow Feedback

An action catalogue opens automatically if a project or a specific area of a project is largely negatively rated with red smiley faces. All Surwayne standard questions are based on a number of measures based on best practices. For your individual questions, you can define your own measures or, at the click of a mouse, invite the project participants to bring new ideas to the table for the action catalogue. Selected actions eventually move into a to-do list, also managed in Surwayne.


Project monitoring with Surwayne is not only easier, it is even fun! Lars from Surwayne explains how it works.


4. Where You Are Headed: Trend Report Shows Strengths and Weaknesses

The trend reports available via the dashboard provide information on how your projects develop over time. You can thus keep an eye on the performance of your projects and project teams, and can always initiate new optimization measures. Trend reports are broken down into different categories such as teamwork and communication. This makes the strengths and weaknesses of your company visible at a glance.


5. Benefit from Best Practices: Build Up Knowledge and Use It Together

If certain areas of your company repeatedly require action, you can benefit from the experience of other companies. The Surwayne community enables organizations to access best practices and solutions that are available in an anonymous form and are already being used by other organizations – this is active collaboration that ultimately benefits everyone.

Summary: Surwayne can help shorten the duration of your projects by up to 35 percent. The recurring survey of project participants and the subsequent optimization measures provide full transparency and help to quickly solve problems in the day to day running of the project. This provides you with a project monitoring solution that gives you control over your projects and can be set up in just 20 minutes. How do you measure your project pulse? Request a free live demo of Surwayne today and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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