Maersk’s Inhouse Consulting Team Relies on Employee Surveys with Surwayne

With a fleet of 639 ships and 88,000 employees, Maersk is the world’s largest container shipping company. The industry, which lives on moving containers across the seven seas, is itself on the move. For many years, the logistics business on the high seas has not experienced many significant changes. However, digitalization creates new opportunities to further improve collaboration with customers. The goal: to create a seamless customer experience.

Maersk positions itself as a full-service provider of logistics solutions – while seeking to establish a global, widespread presence, it is valued by customers as a strategic partner and is setting the pace in the market as an innovation leader. In order to make rapid progress in the development of new business models, Maersk relies on in-house strategic consulting know-how. Maersk Management Consulting works like a quick intervention force. Expertise is more important than size; the tangible proximity to Maersk’s business is a top priority.


Maersk Surveys its Global Consulting Team with Surwayne

“We use Surwayne to work more agile as a team. Our consultants are spread out over dozens of countries. With regularly recurring surveys, we ensure that every voice in the team is heard,” says Martin Wilhelm of Maersk Management Consulting, giving insight into how in-house consultants work. “With Surwayne, our project managers know if all the team members are happy – and our team receives timely feedback on pending issues.”

As chief of staff at Maersk Management Consulting, Martin Wilhelm has the task of keeping the team spirit high – an exciting challenge in an organization where most employees work around the clock, across the globe. If Maersk’s business units have a vague idea for a new concept or feel some processes are not running according to plan, the consultants of Maersk Management Consulting will be there to help as experienced business partners. Between three and ten experts work on one project – this is the case in any of the 130 countries where the Danish company is active.

Like the parent company, the consulting unit is internationally positioned. The 40-member team consists of more than ten nationalities. Travelling is part of the business, and the Maersk consultants move around to where the action is happening. Although there are two office locations in Copenhagen and Singapore, hardly any consultant regularly sees the four office walls from the inside. The philosophy of Maersk Management Consulting is simple: roll up your sleeves, pitch in on-site and achieve measurable results.


Moving from SurveyMonkey to Surwayne

The many trips make working as a team more complex. Since personal meetings are not possible due to the distance, the regular exchange of information has to take place on other levels. “We wanted to offer each employee the simplest possible solution to share feedback. To do this, we initially carried out surveys with SurveyMonkey. However, the results were far too detailed for us,” says Martin Wilhelm.

With Surwayne, project managers and management get a quick overview based on an intuitive smiley face system: red, yellow, green. Answering the survey is so quick and simple that a consultant could do it on their smartphone in two minutes on the way to the airport. As a result, the response rate has risen from 60 percent to 100 percent: Everyone answers because of Surwayne’s simplicity.

Martin Wilhelm
“Each team member gets involved because answering is fun. And every project manager receives an immediate indication of what’s working well and what’s not,” says Martin Wilhelm, describing the advantages of using Surwayne over the previous solution SurveyMonkey. Above all, Surwayne’s appealing design and intuitive usability have made employee surveys at Maersk Management Consulting a true success story.


Maersk Management Consulting surveys its globally distributed team every other week using Surwayne. By answering 10 questions via the smiley face system, project managers immediately know what the mood in the team is like and which areas need to be improved. In turn, the team receives quick feedback and realizes that it’s worth participating and sharing feedback – a fluid process with a win-win situation for everyone involved. Test Surwayne today free of charge!

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