Project Management With Full Transparency: Media Technology Specialist DEKOM Relies on Surwayne

Photo: DEKOM
Photo: DEKOM

As one of the leading system integrators for video conferencing and media technology, DEKOM handles large-scale projects throughout Europe and sometimes even worldwide. The Hamburg-based company, which was founded in 1998, specialises in audiovisual communication as a full-service provider. From conference rooms, congress centres, assembly rooms to entire music arenas, DEKOM gives advice independent of the manufacturer, develops the most suitable solution and ensures successful implementation.

Demanding Projects With the Trend Towards Networking and Collaboration

“Every project is different, but our projects are always very extensive,” says Thomas Aicheler, Project Leader Engineering at DEKOM AG. “To put it simply, we used to do our business selling projectors and conference systems. Today, however, our focus is on system integration and the development of complete solutions for our customers.” The reason the demands of DEKOM’s customers are constantly increasing is because of the growing need for sophisticated solutions for collaboration and communication. Trend topics such as the Digital Workplace require technical solutions which DEKOM is able to provide.

When the foundations for the new construction of the European Central Bank were laid in Frankfurt a few years ago, DEKOM didn’t then know that only a few months later there would be a commission to equip the almost 200m-high office building with the latest conference technology. Projects of this magnitude have around two to three years’ duration periods. In addition, networking across different locations is becoming increasingly important, adding further complexity. For example, the nature conservation organisation WWF is active in more than 100 countries. DEKOM has recently been commissioned to set up a cloud-based conference system for the German WWF locations. This new solution enables all employees to communicate with each other via video, whether they are in a meeting room, in the WWF offices or on the road using a smartphone or notebook.


Project Monitoring and Controlling Based on Customer Feedback

“Our solutions help our customers shape the future of their work,” says Thomas Aicheler. “It is no longer just about installing a few technical devices. We are deeply involved in our customer’s work processes. We want to make sure that we reach the project goals together with our customers.” DEKOM has been working on project controlling over an extensive period of time. “We have been looking for a solution that would help us to identify the status of our projects at any time in a transparent manner – and this is usually done with the direct involvement of our customers. The feedback we receive from customers is of paramount importance since we ourselves are not the ones who judge our projects.”

An additional challenge at DEKOM is that each project manager runs multiple projects simultaneously. With 30 DEKOM locations throughout Europe, this creates a complexity that could not be managed with conventional project management tools such as Microsoft Project. This is why DEKOM chose Surwayne. A digital survey with nine questions about the project will be sent by email to all parties at regular intervals. These include architects, electrical planners, end users and project managers on the customer’s side. The project status for Thomas Aicheler and his team is immediately visible since participants simply answer the questionnaire online with a few clicks.


Automated, Intelligent Project Monitoring in the Background

“Surwayne takes over the project monitoring in the background for us,” mentions Thomas Aicheler. “This approach enables us to control ourselves. On the other hand, the direct feedback from our customers shows us how to improve.” In addition to answering the questions, the customers who are surveyed can enter suggestions for improvement via Surwayne. DEKOM has thereby found a new instrument for quality assurance and continuous improvement. “An interesting side effect is that regular surveys create an open relationship and provide complete transparency for all parties involved. In this way, we are further deepening the mutual trust we have with our customers. Our projects are complex, therefore it is important to build a solid trust base from the outset.”


Summary: DEKOM AG, a system integrator for video conferencing and media technology, provides organisations with extensive conference solutions. Project periods of up to three years are not rare, and many people are involved in the projects. DEKOM has chosen Surwayne as a solution for project monitoring and quality assurance. All project participants are regularly surveyed, meaning that DEKOM can always review the project status and initiate measures for improvement. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of Surwayne, please send us an email. Or, if you like, you can test Surwayne today without obligation and free of charge!

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