Surwayne at This Year’s PM Forum: Cut Project Duration by Half Through Project Monitoring

Image: Vlada Photo/
Image: Vlada Photo/

This year’s PM Forum in Nuremberg has adopted the tagline “Economic success is project success”, and we at Surwayne will certainly be attending. The 34th PM Forum will take place from 23-25 October 2017, with around 1,000 project managers set to come to Europe’s leading event on project management. There will be 100 speakers, numerous keynotes and live streams. With 62 specialist lectures and best practice examples, the Nuremberg event organisers have ensured that the exchange of information is not lacking. We are especially looking forward to these topics:


  •   Growing together as a team: The increasing importance of teamwork and soft skills is becoming more and more evident in the world of project management – and for a good reason, because every project is only as good as its team.
  •   Today’s project management trends and ideas for the future: Outdated tools adapted to obsolete structures are giving way to new, user-friendly tools for collaboration and team engagement.
  •   Success with agile project management: Agile project management has finally made the leap into the business world and is increasingly being noticed, even from those outside the software development industry. And rightly so, if you ask us.

We ourselves can contribute a lot to the latest trends at the PM Forum and look forward to the inspiring conversations, intense discussions and personal networking. So, why should you visit Surwayne at the PM Forum? Our strong points will be presented to us on a proverbial silver platter. These core competencies, which form an integral part of our company DNA, include project management based on collaboration and open feedback, as well as the megatrends digitalisation and industry 4.0.


Surwayne Provides Quick Team Feedback on Projects

Surwayne and our project monitoring solution are ideally suited for companies faced with the challenges of digitalisation and major transformation projects. Are your employees spread across different locations? Do you not have enough time for constant, lengthy meetings? Surwayne allows you to perform a quick pulse check for your projects at any time – without bureaucracy and with just a few clicks.

In a connected world consisting of virtual teams, modern solutions for project management and collaboration help keep your teams together. With Surwayne, your employees provide quick and regular feedback on your projects. You no longer have to wonder how your initiatives are going and immediately assess where it’s going wrong. Especially in large change projects, you can change direction before problems arise.

But Surwayne can do even more: In addition to project monitoring, our solution can help improve the team’s overall commitment. Find out if your team is really on the ball and if they support what you’re trying to achieve. This is easy and fun: We work with an intuitive smiley face system and begin where it sometimes hurts. This is clearly beneficial to everyone involved, and helps you to shorten project duration by up to 50 percent.


Both SMEs and Large Corporations Benefit from Surwayne

International corporations such as Anglo American as well as German medium-sized companies such as Otto Wulff enjoy success with Surwayne. Visit us at Booth 220 on Level 2 to find out how Surwayne works! We have prepared a live demonstration for you so you can get to know Surwayne within minutes in a fun and engaging way. The wide range of options can make it difficult when choosing a project management tool. However, Surwayne stands out because of its simplicity, intuitive handling and a design that makes you want more. Come and be persuaded by visiting our booth at the PM Forum!

The following members of our team are looking forward to meeting you at this year’s PM Forum: Jasmin – our specialist for customer relations, Artur – our founder and CTO, and Lars – our founder and managing director. We would love to answer any of your questions. We’ll certainly be able to provide you with new ideas and impulses for your project management. And maybe you’ll even be able to give us suggestions on how to further develop Surwayne? Come and get to know us and try your luck with our wheel of fortune. Perhaps you’ll even win one of our great prizes, along with gaining some brand new insights!


Surwayne at the PM Forum 2017
Nuremberg, 23-25 October
Booth 220, Level 2
Incl. live demo and wheel of fortune

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