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Project management is becoming an increasingly important implementation in modern enterprises. More and more corporations are looking for easy and effective tools and software to manage their teams and projects. Consequently the demand in sophisticated tools and tech development is rising.

As many projects are led fast-paced and clients are quickly changing their requirements, project management became a complex matter. Managers and team coordinators are looking for cost- and performance efficient solutions to control their projects. To ensure a clear overview of a project, the right tool is crucial.

One of the main problems that employers report, is that resources are not used efficiently while working on a current project. Moreover the correct disclosure of information, more specifically the loss of important information along the way causes disorganization in project work.
In order to eliminate these and other difficulties while running your projects, optimization is a vital component of your team work. If you want to ensure competitive advantage, it is essential to adapt to the changes happening in the modern, tech orientated work environment. Mobility plays an important role in these adaptations. A lot of work is done on the go on mobile devices. Be sure to use a tool that allows to comfortably improve your project on the move as well as the stationary workplace. Geographical flexibility is the formula to success of modern project management.

We developed a revolutionary way to optimize your team work enormously.

Surwayne is an easy way to see the underlying problems that might occur during an important project. In two steps we will help to realize and eliminate issues that might be stopping you from your biggest success. Firstly you will create a short survey with a maximum of ten questions that your team members will receive via email. The time to answer your questions won’t take longer than two minutes. After the survey time has finished you will receive a report from which you can retrieve the strengths and weaknesses of your team and current project. A unique feature that Surwayne offers is the solutions manager. A solution will be offered to each problem, which then can be directly applied to your project.
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