Frequently asked questions

What does Surwayne do?

Surwayne is an innovative monitoring tool suitable for team work in routine or project situations. Surwayne monitors the performance and perceptions of your teams, highlights potential areas for improvement, and makes proven suggestions on what could be done to improve them.

Who is Surwayne for?

Surwayne is suitable for professionals working in project or team situations – ideal for any environment, from freelancers to large corporations, for agencies, universities, creative teams, consultancies and many more.

How long should we use Surwayne?

The idea of Surwayne is to use it over the course of your project or over a certain period in your routine team work. Surwayne creates a trend view of your team performance and also shows you whether your action for improvement is being successful. In order to do this, quick and easy surveys of your team are required at specific intervals. Surwayne provides a free 30-day test period – fully risk-free for you.

What is the key difference between Surwayne and other survey tools?

Surwayne is not just another survey tool. Surwayne shows you trends over time, encourages your teams to provide in-depth feedback and offers you proven actions for improvement for those areas where performance was rated low. Response rates with Surwayne are high as results have direct impact on those who participate, and participation is easy and very fast (max. 2-3 minutes).

What questions will my team have to answer and how long will that take?

The Surwayne questions library is structured into six key success factors and you can select up to 10 suitable questions, or even add your own individual questions (depending on the chosen plan). Your team members will receive email invitations to answer the Surwayne – in a fun way that takes a maximum of 2-3 minutes.

What improvement suggestions will we see?

The improvement suggestions are based on input from experienced project and team managers – they will give you good ideas as to what concrete action you could take to improve a certain dimension in your team. Surwayne ranks the improvement by effectiveness on the basis of data analysis. You will always be able to see what might work best in your specific case. You can also benefit from proven improvement suggestions that other Surwayne users have provided. These will be made available after being edited and quality-checked by Surwayne.

How can I sign-up?

Using Surwanye is very easy. Chose one of our valuable subscription plans – all of them include a 30-day test period, completely risk-free for you. If you decide to sign-up for a 12-months period, your subscription fee will be even lower. Otherwise you keep the full monthly flexibility.

How does Surwayne work technically for us?

Surwayne is really simple. All you need is an online access and email contact information. Everything else is taken care of by Surwayne. Currently Surwayne is optimized for latest browsers (IE>=10).

How does Surwayne protect my data?

Surwayne is hosted and operated in Germany, and the Surwayne complies with all German Federal law for data protection. Your data will at no time be stored on servers located outside of Germany or operated by non-German service providers.

What do we need to consider before implementing Surwayne?

In Germany the introduction of Surwayne requires the involvement of the work council. The Surwayne team will assist with any information that may be required. If a company does not have a work council, Surwayne can be implemented immediately and no consultation is required. We recommend to review legal requirements in other countries individually.

Who is behind Surwayne?

Surwayne is part of German start-up “The Team Enablers GmbH”, based in Hamburg, Germany. With industry and top consulting experience, we are proud to develop solutions that make team work better.

Hosted in Germany
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